Sunday, February 10, 2013

Altered Lantern


Today I have an off the page project to share with you. I am always on the look out when we go to the markets for different things for me to alter. Quiet a while ago I found this lantern and I knew it was something I would love to do, so I brought it and it has sat on my bookcase ever since….until now.

"The Keys To My Heart" Altered Lantern

 Because it closes completely and has quiet a large door I knew I would be able to work on the inside of it as well as the outside. Inside I placed a small twiddleybitz birdcage which I added vines and flowers to and then inside of the cage are small passport photos of my special little man, he is my baby and will always hold the keys to my heart. I have added keys and a small heart trinket which I found in a cheap jewellery shop  to the locking piece of the lantern,  they were the perfect size for this.

Because of this lantern being dedicated to my little man I wanted to use more neutral tonings. The Winters Song – Log Cabin brown flowers were the perfect starting point. As these have some silvery glittered stamen centres the new Glitter Mini Roses coordinated perfectly with them. I scraped a lot of the gold glitter away from the petals of the roses leaving just a hint and then opened the roses up for a fuller flower. I had some the vines already but added more of the MHC small light green leaves to it to make it a little more bushy.

 I like to add rub ons to my creations when I can, so to do this I simply apply them to clear acetate and cut to the size I require. I have placed my rub on into the middle the vine and have attached with a dob of glue and placed a butterfly over the top so the glue cannot be seen.  Quick and simple yet very affective and also allows my to give my lantern a title and meaning.

Manor House Creations materials used: Glitter Mini Roses – caramel, red & white, Leaves – light green (small) & Winters Song – Log Cabin.

Well sorry for the mammoth blog post, i was trying to capture all of the details.

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Mrs Frizz said...

and it is totally stunning ...

Jolanda Goes said...

wow this is absolutely gorgeous!!