Friday, December 22, 2017

Dusty Attic - Christmas Pinecone Decoration


Sharing a super cute little pine cone Christmas decoration today that I created using Dusty chipboard. So in the last release of Dusty chipboard there was a chipboard sheet of flower stamens, well these were destined for bigger more dimensional things. They kind of reminded me of fireworks so I went about wetting them and pulling them apart to actually create a layout using them as a dimensional background, but once they were dry I started to play with them and realized once they were layered it totally reminded me of a pine cone. I knew that I had Dusty Pine Sprigs so the idea come to life.

'Christmas Pine Cone'

Looks like a pine cone right?

All of the flower stamens were wet then gently pulled apart and left to dry. To join them together to make the pine cone shape I cut small squares of chipboard to glue between each layer centre. There are 4 small squares between each layer.

The Pine Sprig leaves were also wet and pulled apart for added dimension and give more of a needle feel.

I attached the Pine Sprig leaves to the top of the pine cone and then added some ribbon, flowers and beads to the top. It looks so pretty!

Dusty Attic
Materials List
DA1876 Flower Stamens
DA1174 Pine Sprigs

962543 Finnabair Rust Mica Powder
586485 Salvage District Roses
Cotton Thread


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